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At Pro Squared Flooring Solutions, we focus on the foundation of your business. Literally every business has one thing in common – there’s a floor of some sort. Some may be just your living room carpet, but many others have floors that have tremendous impact of the function of your operations.

Function -VS- Fashion

A quality floor is a canvas for what your business performs on. Smooth transitions between warehouse areas, safe conditions for your associates and your customers, bright and professional systems that tell your story before anyone asks, tough and practical systems that take everything you dish out and more.

We also believe that many times the best floor solution may be the floor that currently exists. Our area is blessed with beautiful concrete, stone and terrazzo flooring. Concrete that may look worn and stained now, often can be revitalized into the beautiful foundation it once was –– or beyond what was ever imagined –– dust proof, stain resistant, slip resistant, and easy to care for. Craftsmen specially trained and certified in coatings, polishing, repair and processes.

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Pro Squared works with the latest coatings and products from
the worlds largest manufacturers of industrial strength chemicals:

Sherwin Williams Green Umbrella Concrete
Elite Crete Green Ice Pour to Polish Systems
Rapid Set Max Defense
Concrete, Terrazzo, & Stone Polishing Concrete Repairs

Our Experts Provide Top-Of-The-Line Results

We all know the dangers of exposure to asbestos. Medical experts believe that exposure to silica dust (the dust produced in concrete grinding) is equally dangerous. Pro Squared craftsmen use propane powered grinders, so when able, we can safely wet grind your concrete floors. This virtually eliminates silica dust from the grinding process, saving your building from layers of silica dust that often takes months to remove from your environment, and saving your employees and customers from the health impacts of breathing it in. If the circumstances don’t allow for wet grinding, we use state-of-the-art, Pulse Bac vacuums to capture the dust before it gets out of control.

Big equipment for big jobs. Pro Squared features 3 “Big Green Grinders” 1,200 lb. monster machines that can take on any task.

Art and Science: Our craftsmen see your floor as a canvas, where some degree of art will take place. Sometimes the art is mostly about function. Is it level, is it smooth, is it slip resistant, is it able to take the abuse thrown at them, and is it able to be maintained with simple, practical maintenance. Believe it or not, there’s an art to understanding what happens to the installation of the perfect floor to meet the specific needs of the customer. Everything from maximum strength, slip resistant, high visibility, heat and cold resistant systems you might find in a manufacturing plant, to a rich and exotic vibrant system you’ll see at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

We are not like the others

We understand buildings, industry, commercial applications, and design and function. We’re not here to sell you “a” floor system because it’s what we sell – we provide multiple solutions for your specific needs. We work with our customers to truly understand the demands the floor must meet, and provide an answer based on the real life applications that this floor will need to meet.

Every building has its unique needs – and our professional design and installation team works with you to come up with the perfect answer. We also work closely with our manufacturer partners to make sure we have a collaborative answer to your special circumstances. The RIGHT products, the RIGHT craftsmen, the RIGHT equipment, and the RIGHT advice from day one.

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Industrial Flooring

Shock Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Reflector Enhancer

Slip Resistant

Polished Concrete

Green Ice Pour

Terrazzo Repair and polishing

Terrazzo Resurfacing

Benefits of Our Flooring System

  • Easy to Clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • Industry Leading Durability
  • Slip Fall Protection
  • Impact Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

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