Concrete Flooring Services in Buffalo, NY

Some may consider old,worn, pitted, and cracked concrete a uncorrectable eyesore. At Pro Squared, we know most floors can be brought back to life in stunning fashion and function. Our trained craftsmen have the ability to remove and repair the surface blemishes and hone the beauty of the stone inside, creating a surface that is not only highly functional but classically beautiful. Polished concrete systems that won’t peel of flake, provide slip resistant, stain resistant beauty that is easy to care for and cost efficient to maintain. Let Pro Squared’s consultants help guide you to an affordable solution that will wow customers and associates alike. We’ve helped turn 150 year old factory settings to some of the most unique and special floors anywhere!

Concrete Resurfacing Process

“To borrow a line from Forest Gump… Concrete is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get until you open it up. Our services begin with area tests, to help us understand our canvas. Then working with each individual customer, we create a game plan and process designed specifically for you. Using advanced chemistry, and wet grinding – propane powered equipment, we grind – hone and polish your vision into reality.

Pro Squared professional polished concrete systems process, begins with your bottom line and your environment front and center. We wet grind to eliminate silica dusting and vastly improve our efficiency and quality. Our propane powered equipment eliminates the enormous electrical costs associated with most concrete polishing, and our chemistry is state of the art – providing you with the best looking, most functional and safe surface available. Plus we don’t stop there… Our history in the janitorial business means that once your beautiful floor is done, we provide you with the products and knowledge to help you keep it looking beautiful for years to come.”

Benefits of Resurfacing Concrete

Concrete resurfacing includes many benefits, such as:

  •   Highly durable Won’t flake or peel
  •   Long term Cost effective
  •   Easy to maintain

The benefits of using Pro Squared include:

  •   Free Estimate
  •   Leading experts
  •   No hidden costs
  •   Qualified and Punctual crew
  •   Competitive pricing.